Logo for Layered, a photo app to animate text and stickers on photos and videos, add music, moving words, fades and transitions to Facebook or Instagram.

Add animated text, stickers, music and more to your pictures and videos with the Layered photo app for iOS.


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Add Something New To Your Pics and Vids: Animation!

Check out how easy it is to add unique graphics, fades, custom text and animations to your pictures and videos. Once you've created the perfect pic or vid, share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or E-mail.

App Features

Create beautiful pics and vids with text, stickers, animations, music and more.

Add text, stickers, graphics, and animations to your pictures and videos with Layered.


Start by taking a photo, shooting a video, or importing something from your Camera Roll. Choose from dozens of animations, stickers, or overlays to add to your photos and videos. Pick a font and write custom text, or grab a song from your iTunes library to add some background music.
Animate text and stickers with Layered for iOS.


Once you've picked the perfect graphics, music, and text, hit record and Layered will capture everything you do! Change size, rotation, and opacity to create unique animated images and movies unlike anything you've seen before.
Share the pictures and videos you create with Layered on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Share with Friends!

Once your masterpiece is complete, share your creation with all of your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or through E-mail.

Your life, Layered.

Layered makes it easy to create amazing pictures and videos that stand out and are unlike anything else. Some of the unique features include:

  • • Touch gestures to record motion, animate, change color, and opacity levels to text and graphics.
  • • Dozens of animated and still sticker graphics to use on any picture or video.
  • • Add music from your iTunes library to your Layered pictures and videos.
  • • Save and share Layered photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or through email.
Instead of posting static pictures and simple videos, express yourself with animation, music, and effects. It's your life, Layered.

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